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We are a social media marketing agency in India committed to providing new solutions for our clients via appropriate strategy, creativity, and social media.

We recognize the implication of a company’s social media presence. We get target audiences well, and then we design, develop, and communicate brands and messages on their social media platforms compellingly and engagingly. With our social media marketing services, your business can reach out to the target audience with a targeted message to get them to take action. We present an altogether new technique to strike your customers with an appropriately crafted social media advertising approach.

We design social media campaigns that are tailored to your digital marketing objectives. We employ proven strategies to generate followers tied to your demographics, activities, and hobbies to build brand recognition. Our team offers the most effective social media marketing services in the industry, supporting businesses in establishing trust, credibility, and thought leadership with their target audiences, allowing them to thrive. Whether it’s greater brand exposure, app downloads, or lead generation, we can help you reach your objectives.

We at Brainfeed Solutions have a team of specialists who will conduct a thorough social media account review to maximize your monthly ROI on social media services by establishing a strategy that aligns with your organization’s objectives. We investigate and capitalize on the synergy level between your social media operations and other digital marketing efforts. It boosts the value of your blog’s content, boosts search engine rankings, helps with reputation management, promotes the importance of hosting contests, and enhances customer service.

Our team optimizes your company’s social media profiles on the most popular platforms. Whether it’s identifying vital products and services or having an engaging about us section, we make sure that everything is included in your profile.

Why does your company require Best Social Media Marketing Agency in India?

The digital world has no borders, and to become worldwide, you’ll need Social Media!

Increase your audience: One of the most cost-effective ways to sell your business online is through social media advertising. Using the advertising options accessible on various social media networks, you can sell your items for a reasonable price.

It helps to enhance total ROI: Lowering the cost of advertising on numerous social media sites results in more revenue. Social media marketing aims to keep potential clients on specific social media networks engaged to be more likely to see an ad.

Increase Brand Awareness: Increasing brand awareness to the point where potential purchasers are aware of the brand is vital. It establishes a relationship with the people and helps them learn about the services and goods that sustain trust throughout the business journey.

Increases Website Traffic: By sharing content on social media platforms and allowing readers to click through to further information, it helps to boost website traffic. Increased traffic will be generated as an outcome of the high-quality material published on social media, resulting in more conversion opportunities.

Increase your audience: One of the most pocket-savvy ways to sell your products and services online is through social media advertising. Using the advertising options accessible on various social media platforms, you can sell your offerings at a reasonable price.

What criteria do you use to evaluate the success of your social media strategy?

Keep track of how far you’ve come.

Number of followers:

The number of accounts that follow your brand is a significant measure to track because it indicates the number of curious individuals. Every platform has a set of fans or followers. These numbers can be found on your profile page.


The terms “social media impression” and “social media reach” are not interchangeable. In impressions, the number of times a post has been viewed is counted. It doesn’t distinguish between distinct points of view; instead, it mixes them.

Post Reach:

Content reach refers to the number of unique accounts that saw your post. There are numerous platforms for it as well. To estimate your reach, divide the number of impressions by your followers.

Web Traffic:

Web traffic is an excellent method to assess how well your social posts with links to your website perform.

The number of times someone visited one of your website pages after clicking on a link from your social media account. Social Media Marketing Agency can assist you in determining how much traffic your website receives.

Share of the voice:

Your share of voice (SOV) reveals how much online visibility you have concerning your competitors. This isn’t a feature that comes with native analytics by default. Instead, you’ll have to prioritize which phrases, hashtags, or categories to focus on. Suppose you want to see your SOV around specific topics. In that case, you can employ Social Media Management Company for your social media marketing to create a list of hashtags and phrases to look at.


Likes and favorites signify that the account was engaged with your material enough to interact with it. While some networks, such as Instagram and Facebook, have made the Like count private, you can still find it in your analytics.


Shares of posts and profiles are an excellent method to see how engaged people are with your content. Because your post was so intriguing, you had to send it to someone or share it on another website.

Profile Visits:

Suppose first-time visitors to your website are interested in knowing more about your company. In that case, they will sign-up for your newsletter and visit your profile page. The number of times your profile has been seen is counted in view counts. You may obtain this information through native analytics with the help of Social Media Marketing Company India.


A mention occurs when an account tags your company account or mentions your brand on social media. It can happen in a post, a comment, a story, or a remark. Because this metric isn’t typically tracked automatically, you might need to use a social media monitoring tool to track how and how often your brand is mentioned.

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