Which social media platforms should you use for your business?

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4.2 billion people, according to Statista, use social media platforms every day. As a result, it’s no surprise that we use these platforms to buy something and engage with brands. It’s worth it for a business to invest in social media because 54 percent of people use it for product research, browsing, and buying. It’s up to you, though, to decide which social networking platforms you want to utilize. 

In reality, it may not be necessary to devote time and resources to creating numerous social media pages for your organization. You can be selective and courteous in choosing what social media platforms you can use for your business to yield maximum results. You also need to recognize which offers you the most audience and most significant to your clients should be your goal. 

8 Social Media Platforms For Your Business

Here are the eight most critical social media platforms that you can use for your business:


According to Statista, Facebook has more users than any other social media site, with 2.8 billion monthly active users. So, for this reason alone, you should create a Facebook page for your organization.

As a business, you’ll be able to communicate with consumers, share messages and sell anything from car parts to candles on Facebook with a simple account set up. It’s possible to use Facebook as a marketplace platform in addition to growing your brand.

To sell your products on Facebook Marketplace, you don’t have to worry about your clients having to leave the Facebook app to place an order. As a result, customers will feel more confident in the product and it will also be easier for them to buy because they don’t have to leave Facebook to do it.

You can also run Facebook Ads through your Marketplace shop, making it simple to set up and manage ads that highlight your products.


The best probable reason to use Instagram for your business is the 1.3 billion people who use it. Instagram is a platform for creators with innovative ideas that can quickly grab the audience’s attention. If your brand is the one that targets young and dynamic uses, Instagram is your gold mine. The best form of content that does exceptionally well on the platform is color-coded graphics with minimal content, infotainment content, informational videos, and reels. Instagram also helps you share the same content on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Tumblr.

Instagram has a more significant following in metropolitan regions, which means that businesses focusing on fashion or digital technology will often do better than those focused on agricultural or home building. Although this is not to imply you cannot succeed if you are not a youthful, trendy business – just that you will need to be a little more imaginative with your photography and engagement ideas.

A skilled social media agency/digital marketing agency can assist you in overcoming this obstacle and maximizing your use of this business-focused social media platform.


There are numerous advantages for organizations using Pinterest, which has grown to be a hugely popular social tool. It raises the number of backlinks to your site, which increases the volume of traffic, and because of the high level of user involvement, your photographs are more likely to be viewed and shared, which results in more customers.

Sharing (or “pinning”) distinct visual stuff on Pinterest allows others to see it. A scarf or an infographic could fall under this category; therefore, virtually any business can find a place on Pinterest. If you consistently update your boards, it’s one of the most significant social networking sites for promoting fresh graphic content you make.

If you’ve got some great stats or other evergreen information that you’d like to pin, use some graphic design magic to dress them up a bit. Because of the high percentage of female Pinterest users, this is especially beneficial to businesses that cater to women.

And even if you don’t, Pinterest might still be helpful. Some of its several hundred million monthly users will be interested in your product or service.


LinkedIn may be considered a non-entertaining medium but is the most influential business platform for an individual or a company. It boasts of having around 774 million users who interact with each other in a very professional way. You can sell your brand without actually selling it. You can create a demand for your services/products by showcasing your expertise in the form of posts, videos, infographics, etc. 

Nobody can compete with LinkedIn when it comes to professionalism. It’s a dynamic community of workers and business owners that communicate and engage professionally, making it more official than other social media sites. Moreover, since it’s a B2B platform, its users are more responsive to B2B material than B2C content.

LinkedIn could also be your go-to social media platform if you’re looking to hire employees for your business. LinkedIn concentrates on exhibiting one’s skills, experience, and expertise, making employee-hunt easier, reliable, and credible.


With a Twitter account, you can contact approximately 400 million people from all around the world. Moreover, with 67% of companies currently utilizing Twitter, a new wake of brand collaborations emerge.

Businesses have been tweeting each other to create viral tweets during the previous few years. This has increased brand awareness and social proof for such businesses.

To be sure, most of the time, Twitter is utilized for business-related purposes, such as responding to customer service issues and making company announcements. However, being present on Twitter might help you manage your brand’s reputation because your customers are likely to use the platform to report any difficulties they have had with your company.


Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine globally, the first being Google? This makes YouTube a great platform to show off your brand. Aside from comedy and music videos, YouTube is an excellent place to promote your business.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the case.

You can perform well on YouTube with product reviews, instructional films, and other types of videos that educate a portion of your target audience. In addition, once you create a video, it will be visible on Google and YouTube search results, and you may promote it on your other social media profiles. There is no better resource than YouTube when it comes to helping your customers learn new things.

Tik Tok

TikTok is a relatively new social media platform created in 2018 and is rapidly acquiring users. Over half a billion people use TikTok every month. As a result, older platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat have been supplanted.

TikTok is a video-sharing app that allows users to make and share 15-second clips. As a result, multi-million-view videos exist on the internet. For example, spaghetti noodles were shown being cooked in blue water, and the finished product was blue spaghetti noodles, as in the video. This video had more than a million views in less than a day.

To promote TikTok, the only option is to use influencers, those with a significant number of followers. However, if you create your video clips, you have the opportunity to get your brand in front of Gen Z, a demographic that is difficult to target.


Although almost all businesses know how beneficial social media can be for their businesses, they may still not be sure about which social media platform to leverage the most. Hence, it’s essential to understand what each social-media platform stands for and how best you can use them to your benefit.


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