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We debunk the myth that Search Engine Marketing is expensive, slow, and dull. With us, it’s easy, exciting, and result-oriented.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Grow Fast, Grow Big

Search Engine Marketing is the technique of generating a large volume of traffic to improve a company’s online web presence. Through sponsored advertising, it assists in bringing thousands of customers to the website. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is powerful and effective marketing instrument. SEM provides low-cost solutions to increase website traffic. The method works best for any company that does not receive enough organic visitors.

In fact, Brainfeed is considered one of the top Indian SEM agencies that help businesses grow online by providing highly scalable SEM services. Indian search engine marketing is growing rapidly. Having an internet-based service is now necessary for any website, just like all the other services. Brainfeed is a well-known search engine marketing company that attempts to provide your company’s sales a significant boost at a low cost with PPC marketing. If you’re seeking dependable and well-planned advertising services, you’ve come to the correct spot. Come to us, and you will prosper.

Search Engine Marketing

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Keywords Research & Strategy

The right keywords are at the core of the content. Furthermore, the same set of keywords can provide us with a higher level of completion, allowing our material to survive. Count on our experts to select relevant keywords.

Paid Search Advertising

Ads are tricky. Through creative advertisements and engaging content, we help you increase lead generation and increase your sales for every penny you spend on PPC services to promote and advertise your products and services.

Ecommerce Advertising

With the globe becoming more digital, e-commerce has become an important economic aspect. We help you stand out by optimizing ad campaigns, sales, and the digital shelf across marketplaces with the correct eCommerce advertising.

Social media Advertising

Whether you want to grow your digital presence or improve your website's organic reach, we can help you do it via social media advertisement. Social media content curators specialize in curating content that creates impact.

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Got Questions?

That is reasonable. Your search engine marketing partner is crucial, and carefully choosing one should be done. Let us know your queries. If you prefer not to chat on the phone, fill out the form below, and our experts will connect you over email to schedule a meet.

Why choose BrainFeed Search Engine Marketing services?

Our company employs some of the world’s top search engine marketing strategists and PPC consultants. We’ve gotten tremendous results in the past for our clients, and we’ll do the same for you! We are a leading PPC agency that employs tried-and-true methods to create efficient paid search marketing campaigns based on extensive keyword research and competitor analysis. Our expertise can help you lower cost-per-click and increase click-through rates and conversions. As a result, your firm can get more high value leads.


Tailored Solutions

Our team understands every company has different requirements. We put a lot of effort into learning about your company, products, and market position so that we can provide the best SEM solutions to boost your sales and brand value.


Synced with business objectives

After understanding your company’s type, we explore your business objectives and the number of audiences you are targeting. Our leads are qualified, so you can contact them to raise brand recognition and make your business stand out.


Quality matters to us

Based on the client’s specific needs, we adopt the usual method into an SEM strategy. We examine the data to determine which processes are performing at their best and then change and update them as needed to give high-quality outcomes.


Attractive campaigns at an amazing price

By combining high-quality photos with exciting text, we create highly-effective advertising campaigns that generate a lot of traffic. We are a top PPC company that provides clients with cost-effective solutions with great and flexible pricing.


Monitoring the outcomes

Our SEM strategy is unique to every company, depending on their targets, objectives, and requirements. We employ conventional tracking technologies to measure the campaign’s success and implement the most effective strategies.

Search Engine Marketing FAQ

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a paid strategy to increase visibility of websites, Increase Traffic , Basically We can Say Its a Paid Search Marketing
When you want get a fast ranking and want to increase traffic to your websites ,You need a PPC- A paid marketing strategy (SEM)
Its Not Fixed, That depends upon your Paid Budget and Final pricing we will provide you after consulting with Our Dedicated Certified SEM Developers

Yes we have highly experienced Certified Search Engine Marketers For Your Projects

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