Trends In Digital Marketing 2021: Shaping the future of digital marketing

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Digital marketing has been the go-to way to market yourself, your brand, product worldwide just via connectivity. 

Digital marketing has accelerated during the global pandemic. Coronavirus gave it the much-awaited push and proved to be a blessing in disguise for digital marketing. 

Though many ways of digital marketing are tried and tested, they have proved to be sustainable in the long run. But 2021 awaits the most unique trends of digital marketing. With a strong blend of creativity and usage of the latest technology. Digital marketing has got a new meaning. Here are the top trends in digital marketing in 2021. 

AI, the game changer of marketing:

If you’re not living under the rock, you must already be knowing about how there are whispers of artificial intelligence taking over all the traditional aspects of marketing. For most of you, who are regular visitors to renowned websites, (of course to understand their marketing strategy). Many of the renowned as well as new websites have already enabled AI chat boxes in their website as well as in apps. 

They are helpful in solving basic queries, which would take a lot of time for a human. The reason, we say AI, being the game-changer, is because it makes us engage and stay on the platform more. A report has said that, ”AI will be a $190 billion industry by 2025”. 

This is the best time to explore this industry for every digital marketer.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is not the latest form of digital marketing. For years, it has always been one of the vital forms of marketing via newsletter, catchy headlines, clickbait, and whatnot. 

Mostly, via email, the consumer is directly transferred to the payment page, product, landing page. 

But the recent report by TOM KLEIN, Vice president of marketing at MAILCHIMP says that now,” subscribers will be able to make the purchases right inside a marketing campaign, without ever leaving their inboxes. Campaigns will offer more of an app-like experience, too, with embedded video and other interactivity.”

It can make the marketing go way ahead of the current generation, and increase the purchases of the particular product. Well, Mailchimp has already made some great tactics to provide better-customized data for their consumers, based on their google search, most visited websites, products of their history, etc. 

Virtual reality:

Virtual reality, being one of the most used technology by media, fashion, luxury, educational brands is emerging as the go-to option to increase the visibility and the engagement of the brand.

What VR does, is that it allows the user to experience a 3D experience of the products by layering it with the physical world. 

One can try on products to watch how the cloth looks on their body. Or even have a virtual tour of the campus before enrolling their children into it. 

Virtual reality has come as a boon in these tough situations when it becomes almost impossible to physically experience things, scared of catching any virus. Now with the help of VR technology, you can visit or experience your loved place in one click.

Quality and Consistency:

The role consistency plays in building up social media presence is no longer a hidden gem. If you’re someone who doesn’t believe in consistency, BEAT THIS!

Create a strategy of posting at least 5 stories, one post daily, 4 blogs per week, and some mind-blowing results that would be awaiting you. Though, people have now misunderstood this consistency game. In the game of consistency, you don’t have to degrade the quality! It’s the smallest you can do. provide limited but valuable content, whenever you do. Perfect social media marketing includes both the quality as well the time you’re posting those value-based content online.

Ideally, your content should fulfill various aspects of factors. Like the value you’re providing, the trust you’re building with the community, and the experience which says it all. There wouldn’t be any great result with low-quality content in bulk. 


Better customer relationships mean more sales.

As mentioned priorly, chatbox has been one of the great uses of AI, and it is increasing and being adopted by more and more brands day by day. It not only saves time for the business owner. But also lets the consumer directly engage with the business. It gives a brand a touch of putting effort into knowing the customer. 

Businesses are owning chat boxes to carry the simple yet engaging and decision-making conversation, which would traditionally take a lot of time, and years of experience from any salesperson. But with Chatbox, the consumer tends to hold on to the website, because they are driven largely to the text form. 


The only way to stand out from the rest of them in this competitive era is to provide a pinch of personalization and a lot of creativity. Every consumer is different and so are their needs. So you mustn’t spam them with the same boring text or the same marketing hack. 

High ticket clients won’t even open those repetitive messages. They want to be valued, to know that theory matters. According to a recent study, more than 75% of the users are likely to do their business with digital making agencies that provide personalization. In fact, 85% of them claimed to be more affected by personalized marketing. They are more likely to turn from a prospect to a customer when they watch efforts in research done by digital marketing agencies.  

Video Marketing:

Video marketing is one of the top trendy marketing tactics. One viral reel and boom you’re the next superstar on Instagram. It’s been one year since Instagram introduced its reels options. In the past year, it has changed people’s lives drastically. 

All this is possible because they were consistent with providing value along with being relatable to the audience. 

Want to grow on Instagram?

Be it a personal brand or a company page. Reels are your way to bomb up the game!

Conversational marketing:

Would anyone love to buy services, products from a brand that keeps blabbering about themselves, and doesn’t analyze the needs of the consumer to provide the needful. No, right?

You won’t go ahead with someone like that. Well, conversational marketing is simple but tougher to implement. It may seem like just maintaining a conversational talk while branding yourself is a fun task. But this is where most digital marketing agencies lag. 

Brainfeed solutions is one such emerging digital marketing agency in India, which believes in listening to their clients and providing value with tons of high-tech technology. 


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