Shopify vs Bigcommerce- which one is better?

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Every business is now online, and for showcasing your business to your potential customers, you need a strong credible looking website. Shopify and Bigcommerce are a few of the very trustable website builders. Their main goal is to make online selling easy and accessible to all. 

Bigcommerce and Shopify are the ideal websites for small businesses, which are strongly developing nowadays. They are most beneficial for the entrepreneur having a mindset to get things done on their own. If you are starting from scratch and trying to build something on your own online. Then, big commerce, Shopify is good to go. Unlike any other major web development, they don’t require any code or anything. Both of them only use web browsers, which makes them easy to use for everyone. You don’t have to install any additional software while creating your own brand name. You just need a good internet connection, and boom you are done. 

Though, both of them are good enough to run a successful business. But they have different qualities. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of them and conclude which one should be a better one for you, keeping in mind your business and its scope. 

Customer support:

Customer support must be your priority when you’re deciding which web development you want to go ahead with. Because it will run and manage the whole of your website for a long time. To ensure that you are choosing the right one. It must be easy for the consumer to reach you out and also provide 24*7 support. 

Bigcommerce support:

One of the best traits of big commerce is when you sign up for their free trial, they will reach you out themselves and will have a 10-minute call. They do this, to have a better understanding of your business, and to make a proper plan of how they should take things forward. 

How better customer support you want for your customers, totally depends upon the plan you choose. Better plan equals highly-skilled, better customer support.

Shopify customer support:

Unlike big commerce, things are quicker, straight to the point in Shopify. It doesn’t put you on an unnecessary page. You’ll be landed on the exact page while going through their help center. This shows how they would hold on to more clients on your own website.

Also, they provide social media support, which isn’t available in big commerce. If you know the power of social media branding. Then you must have known till now, which wins this section.


Let’s be honest and face the first actual question by every user, “How much do these platforms cost?”. Be it big commerce or Shopify, both of them offer you a free trial. Later on, if you want to continue, their plan ranges from $29 to $299. Though big commerce is slightly more costly than Shopify.

Bigcommerce pricing:

  • Standard: $29,95/month
  • Plus: $79,95/ month
  • Pro: $299,95/month.

It also provides you with an enterprise-level plan, but it mainly depends upon how large your business would evolve.

Shopify pricing:

  • Lite: $9month
  • Basic Shopify: $29/month
  • Shopify: $79/month
  • Advanced shopify:$299/month

As you saw in the comparison, there isn’t any big difference in the cost. It’s just that in big commerce, there isn’t any transaction fee. Butin Shopify you have to pay an additional transaction fee. Along with it, you only get 15 staff accounts in Shopify, whereas in big commerce you get unlimited staff accounts. Bigcommerce has more and better features when you unlock its pus plan.

Easy to use:

If developing the site and understanding its mechanism isn’t easy for the beginner as well as advanced entrepreneur, then what’s the point of easily handling their business?

Any web development space must be easy to use for anyone, to save more time and manage websites in a better way too. You must have a platform that is easy to access and run a business.

Bigcommerce ease of use:

Though, there are detailed and proper guidelines to work with big commerce. But it isn’t ideal for beginners. As it’s more technical. You need to search and go through every single thing even to perform a single basic step. It requires effort but it also gives you better results, giving you a finer customized website.

Shopify Ease of use:

When it comes to being easy and available for everyone. Then none can beat Shopify. If you want to develop and set up your website within a few minutes, then Shopify is made just for you. 

Shopify is considered better than big commerce when it comes to be easy for the users. You are safely and quickly onboarded and within a few clicks, your own customized website is ready. There’s your online friend, waiting to help you with every step when you click on the main menu. 

Conclusion: Shopify vs big commerce:

If you have come this far, you must have already made up your mind as to which one is better for your business, and how it stands out in terms of various factors. Bigcommerce does give you better results, when it comes to SEO, giving you better product options, or even selling internationally. 

But Shopify also didn’t let you down regarding templates, email marketing, quick cart recovery when left unattended. Along with these super quirky features, its integration along with other apps is quite phenomenal as well. 

If you’re starting out, then big commerce would be better for you, keeping in mind their rates. They do include cheap plans, you can build rating systems, reporting methods, cookie consent tools, page builder tools, and internationally selling pages quite fast and effectively. Bigcommerce lets you enhance your product options to the 9th degree. But when it comes to Shopify, it ends at 3 options only. 

If you’re still confused and haven’t made up your mind yet. Then let’s see why Shopify can be beneficial for you. If you’re in dire need of aesthetic and matched templates, then you must go for Shopify. Because, yes templates do make a big difference when it comes to the appearance of your newly designed website. Also, it does save you tons of money by abandoning cart-saving options. You cannot have it at a cheaper price anywhere else. There’s a big $70 difference between Shopify and big commerce. 

Any reason is good enough to go ahead with any of these. After All, it’s your own website and you must choose which fulfills your need as well as satisfies your original idea of the website.


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Get actionable insights and ideas every week.

Learn how to reach new audiences, showcase your brand’s expertise, retain clients, and boost overall sales.