How to Measure KPIs for SEO?

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Companies cannot disregard SEO as part of their digital marketing strategy, especially in countries like India. However, most marketers will agree that it is only effective if it can provide tangible economic benefits. You’re wasting money whether you hire a digital firm, a freelancer, or an internal SEO. Nothing will make a significant difference if you don’t track results, hold people responsible, and, most crucially, don’t know how to analyze SEO performance.

Although SEO remains one of the most effective digital marketing methods, creating and implementing an SEO strategy is only the first step. You should keep eye on your progress. SEO performance and results can be measured. For this, you need to hire SEO company in India that can help professionally in SEO.

What are the benefits of having a high SEO score for your company? 

Investing in SEO does not imply that you are unfamiliar with the following vanity metrics. This entails putting money into a setting with a lot of business potential and many scalabilities. Hire SEO company in India to help you evaluate SEO effectiveness and answer three critical issues for your company.

1. Cost-effectiveness

2. Perfect marketing channel

3. Business growth

But the question is how to do it?

Here are list of different tactics to measure your KPIs for SEO.

1. Keyword Ranking

When it comes to determining how to measure SEO performance, keyword ranking is the first thing that comes to mind. Consider your average ranking position, distribution of ranking, and the difference between organic and sponsored clicks.

Work to get a featured snippet, “people also ask,” commonly asked questions, or picture pack search feature while you’re improving your site and researching how to enhance your term rankings. Consider what modifications you can make to improve your rankings for long-tail keywords, which are more particular and may convert better than shorter, more competitive phrases.

2. Average time spent

Is the average on your page stays for 5 seconds or 5 minutes? This information will be useful for you in understanding whether your content replies to a visitor’s request. Please keep in mind that the average time spent by users will vary depending on the page’s purpose. For example, you may wish to spend longer time on pages that provide helpful information; yet, pages whose primary function is to deliver simple data (such as contact information) should not be displayed for an extended period of time.

3. Click-Through Rate

CTR is a significant consideration for the authenticity of meta descriptions. Page titles can be determined by the click-through rate. Organic click-through rate signifies the percentage of users that discovered it through clicking on the SEP; this is the case on google. Two lines of description are sufficient to entice folks to click and see what further you have to say about the subject.

4. Conversion Rate

Conversions aren’t only about purchases; they can also assist you in figuring out how valuable your internet visitors are. Account creation, newsletter subscriptions, and e-book downloads are all examples of SEO KPIs used to track both monetary and non-monetary actions. 

The conversions for a given action is divided by the unique visits to arrive at these interaction statistics. With the help of Google Analytics you can establish and track your conversion targets.

5. Pages Per Session

Pages Per Session is a wonderful way to track how many times each page is viewed and how long each session lasts. This information is also valuable for locating pages that are meant to encourage long-term participation through relevant content. This demonstrates that customers want to learn more about your goods. You can search for specific media, sources, references, or channels on your website by filtering each session’s total number of pages. 

Find out how many pages are used for organic search, social media, paid search, and email in each Session. To boost the number of pages per session, you can utilize a variety of approaches. You could hire SEO company in India & it can help you rename the title to pique people’s interest and employ mainstream and group content strategies.

6. Traffic

Another vital SEO measure to monitor is traffic, which includes users, page views, and sessions. It may rank well on Google’s first page, but it is a red flag if the traffic light does not turn green. Organic traffic should be carefully measured and compared to overall sessions, website traffic over time, and campaign-specific traffic. Use SEO analytics software like Google Analytics to track your progress. 

The most critical measurement factor is traffic performance, which will keep this from becoming vanity data. As a result, the raffic should be utilized in tandem with other SEO metrics. Examine the impact of your traffic on conversions and, eventually, purchases.

Consider this scenario: a new restaurant is going to open. When you get close to it, you’ll see a massive traffic bottleneck. How many of these motorists are attempting to enter the parking lot to make a purchase, and how many are simply passing through?

7. Bounce Rate

Have users come to your site, looked at one page, and then gone without looking at another? And at this point the bounce rate comes into picture. Although this SEO indicator does not always imply site quality or whether visitors will return, it can help you determine which pages promote more comprehensive navigation and which do not. 

Bounce rates vary depending on the company, industry, page type, and other factors, but you should aim for a bounce rate of less than 50%. However, this can be difficult for most types of content pages and landing sites. You can hire SEO company in India to reduce your bounce rate.

8. Scroll Depth

Bounce rate and SEO KPI are inextricably linked. Before leaving, what section of your page did the visitor read? It may be time to update the layout and review your content if the most significant thing is at the bottom of the page and the user. I didn’t make it to the top of the jump. Consider whether the accompanying video or engaging infographic can assist viewers in reaching the top of the page. You should experiment with many options to determine which one is best for delivering critical information to users. Tools that can be used to investigate this measure are listed below.

9. New Users Vs. Repetitive visitors

The bounce rate, the number of pages per session, and the average time spent on each page are valuable statistics. Understanding the relationship between this and the return from the first meeting, on the other hand, will provide you with a new level of insight. You might discover, for example, that your email generates the most recurring business. 

The majority of news users, on the other hand, are drawn to social media. However, there are certain flaws with this statistic. Google has no way of knowing if visitors are accessing your site from different devices or browsers, removing cookies regularly, or searching in private or incognito mode.

End Note:

Hire SEO company  in India and improve your SEO ranking today to increase the business.


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Get actionable insights and ideas every week.

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