How To Improve Your Search Engine Visibility?

A highly prominent website on Google has a better probability of appearing in search results for related inquiries. This isn’t something that can be accomplished in a single day. There are trillions of web pages on the internet, and standing out from the crowd takes a lot of effort.

On the other hand, search engines process billions of searches every day, many of which are novel searches that have never been done before. This creates new chances for all types of websites (both new and existing), and with the appropriate strategy, you may acquire a piece of the pie.

Determine which terms bring in the most traffic

To determine how well you’re ranking for the keywords that matter, you must first determine which keywords are important to you. Because digital publishers have access to an almost limitless amount of content, selecting a keyword universe is critical. The total number of keywords or phrases utilized to drive organic search traffic to a website is the keyword universe. SEO Experts India suggests that the keyword universe of very large websites, such as most news websites, can have 5,000 to 20,000 keyword phrases.

Set up a method for keeping track of the competition

What are the keywords that other niche publishers are ranking for but you aren’t? Most publishers start with a limited number of phrases, usually 30 to 50, that they identify and track through a market audit. Google the terms you’ve chosen and note which websites appear on the first page of Google results to conduct your basic market analysis. These are the publishers you’ll be competing with for Google exposure. Hire SEO Agency India if you don’t have enough time to list the keywords specific to your niche.

Compare the web pages of rivals to your keyword universe

You’ll have a better knowledge of your Google visibility if you do this. With this knowledge, you can create objectives for improving your Google search visibility and work on taking the measures necessary to make those goals a reality.

Incorporate data analytics into your overall plan

Any list like this should have analytics towards the top. It’s vital to thoroughly analyze monthly statistics when it comes to enhancing your exposure in Google search. The best-performing content and how it interacts with your keyword universe should be highlighted in monthly analytics reports. You’ll fine-tune your efforts over time to include the keywords and phrases that will most likely push your content to the top of Google’s results page.

Examine meta titles, descriptions, and URLs for errors

You could be losing crucial traffic if your article pages don’t have unique meta titles, descriptions, and URLs. People are more likely to click on your website if the meta title is well-optimized. Meta descriptions that are factual, concise, and optimized based on keyword research are the most effective.

Not every change to improve visibility necessitates the assistance of a web developer

Publishers can make a number of minor adjustments on their own. Including additional keywords in headlines, for example, is a straightforward way for publishers to increase SEO. Make sure to put the primary keyword towards the beginning of your headlines. Create a headline with the major keyword and a sub-title with the secondary keyword if a headline seems too long.

Improve the material that is already functioning well

Because Google takes age into account when determining search rankings, an article that is currently on the first page of results may slide further down the rankings next month. To keep their articles ranking high, publishers should update and republish content on a regular basis. Keep an eye on things like keyword density and headline phrases as you go through this process since they may have an impact on search results.

Don’t overlook Google News

Google News can help digital publishers increase traffic to their sites. Google News is a product that Google has built to enable users to engage with articles fast and easily using a variety of features. Visit Google’s Publisher Center to learn more about how to make sure your content appears in Google News. 

Mark Up

Because structured data is so popular, publishers can’t afford to ignore schema markup on their websites. Schema markup is a code that helps Google provides more information to its visitors while also helping websites stand out from those who don’t utilize it. If your website lacks schema markup, you should speak with your web developer about adding it.

Use an editorial calendar to keep track of your content

Once publishers have determined which of their top 50 or 100 articles drive the most traffic to their websites, it’s simple to create an editorial calendar with material focused on the same problems. The finest editorial calendars include dates for when the highest-ranked material will be updated and when it will be created. These are both core chores that keep pages ranking highly in Google results.

Ensure that articles are legible on mobile phones and tablets

Google takes page speed and mobile visibility into account when determining rankings. Although most local news organizations still optimize content for desktop computers, the shift to mobile means that it’s a good idea to start building sites so that content can be viewed easily on smart phones and tablets as well.

Conduct routine maintenance checks

The task will never be completed. Even if your Google search approach looks to be working, you should double-check to make sure your articles are still ranking in Google.


You should focus on four main areas to make your website visible on Google: To begin, optimize your website for crawling and indexing, ensuring that search engines can easily reach your material. Second, test your site on a mobile device to ensure that it is mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized, and loads quickly. The third step is to create content that is relevant to what people are looking for. To gain brand mentions and links from other websites, fourth. Suppose you regularly concentrate on the above categories. In that case, your rankings will improve over time, and organic traffic from search engines will progressively increase.


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Get actionable insights and ideas every week.

Learn how to reach new audiences, showcase your brand’s expertise, retain clients, and boost overall sales.