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Do you want to create significant brand exposure, but wonder how it will be done?

Content! Yes, you heard( read) that right. Content, and that also creative content is the key to managing and enhancing the creativity of your brand and letting it skyrocket your whole sole business. Though, it doesn’t seem like much of the deal if you want to make viral content overnight. But what goes behind that one post is following trends, a lot of products data analysis, market research, and keeping a check on algorithms. Behind every viral tweet or reel, it needs a lot of ROI potential to look over. To get that brand exposure, you need to have a brand strategy. 

You need to have a brand strategy in order to get that brand exposure and eventually reach more and more customers. Just reaching your limited audience, which already does follow you won’t make any great difference. You need to know your target audience and how to reach them out with your content. When you hit the right and wide audience, you experience brand equity, i.e the value you provide via your brand. The more positive it is, the more happiness you spread through your brand. 

You need to create strong brand awareness. Because when you have a clear brand strategy of how you want to present your brand and move forward with it, you work accordingly. When you do this, you have already made some of the best, loyal audience who are ready to talk and advocate all about your brand, and this is what basically brand exposure is. 

In simple words, it’s just about creating awareness about your brand. It can be done with the help of social media and the greatest marketing technique ever, “word of mouth”. All of this is termed as a content marketing strategy. Now, it’s not easy to do so. But in this blog, we will tell you some tips on how you can use content exposure to define your brand. 

Make achievable targeted branded content:

As mentioned above, content marketing is the tool to effectively increase any brand exposure. The traditional way of content marketing is to make writers write valuable blogs, social media content keeping in mind the target audience. And when you do this consistently your brand is most likely to generate some traffic and attract clients. 

Now, let’s take a creative turn in content marketing. You must have visited the page of Toranio official. It’s a clothing brand, but have you looked at their way of advertising their clothing brand? Their constant mention and appearance of old, middle ages, and even youth wearing and adoring Indian culture is mind-blowing. There is not a direct sales pitch. But yet, they are indirectly selling something that too with the help of Indian traditions. 

Not every startup would have the budget to hire lots of filmmakers to shoot what their brand is all about. But you must have a creative head, who will be there, responsible for showcasing your brand’s uniqueness in any form of content. Now, how you do it, it’s on you!

Don’t let the audience forget you. Consistency is the key!

If your brand is present on more than two social media platforms, then you must have the same brand strategy on different social media. Because it will be hard for potential consumers to get aware of what your brand really is about. You need to provide a clear message through all of your social media handles. 

You want to create brand awareness, you need to be present for the audience as well. No matter, when and at which platform they reach you out to, you must be there to attend to them and always have a nice tone while talking to your consumers. With all this, you have to be consistent with your social media too. Don’t let your audience forget you. And the vibes must be quite similar with both your social media feed and on your direct messages. 

Play with humor to make your brand more relatable:

One of the most creative ways to outstand your brand from the normal formal scenarios is by utilizing humor. Though, using humor, it’s also quite risky. But the results it gives you are quite worth it. 

Take Cred, for example, you need to think from the point of view of the creative head. Who, with the use of funny campaigns has made cred reach almost everyone. Humor or meme marketing has immense positive effects, but at the same time it can turn the tables and you might be facing some serious issues. So when you are starting out, or trying to create a safe space for your brand. Play safe, go along with trends, and later on, when it’s needed, get out of your comfort zone. 

It can do wonders in B2B business when your brand is awakening of some factual things via social media but through Michael Scott’s meme from,’ The office’. 

Use Storytelling to connect with your audience:

Do you know what’s more than offering the best product along with the best price possible? 

Creating a connection, where your audience can trust you because they know your story, the story about your brand, and what makes you go on. Storytelling is one the most creative way to upgrade your brand awareness and let people adore you and your brand for how long you’ve come through. Magically, it also creates an unbreakable bond with your audience too. 

This storytelling, testimonials, reviews develop a raw yet meaningful connection between your brand and the ideal audience. It is what makes your brand stand out from your other competition. 

These were some quirky yet effective strategies every brand must include in their brand awareness strategy. If followed rightly, and not in any offensive way, this type of content exposure can shape your brand positively.


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Get actionable insights and ideas every week.

Learn how to reach new audiences, showcase your brand’s expertise, retain clients, and boost overall sales.