Buzz marketing – what it is & why it is useful

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Do you remember Elon musk tweeting, “use signal” and it’s shares increased by 1200% overnight?

You can believe it because you witnessed it happen. A slight word of mouth presented in such a way that it creates buzz and eventually helps in increasing sales is called buzz marketing.

Still, have doubts about it?

Wait! We are here to make you understand buzz marketing, the most innovative marketing strategy which can help in multiple ways.

But, what actually buzz marketing is?

Buzz actually means creating an exciting scenario about something. There can be different formats of it, simple text, video, meme. Anything that helps in creating the positive impact of the brand on social media. It can be said as a form of viral marketing. 

To create brand awareness, different campaigns take place, and to make all these campaigns a huge success brand needs people. According to social media, they need micro as well as major influencers according to the target audience and the goal of the campaigns to promote their brand to their audience.

 The more creative the content, the more reach it will get.

Moreover, buzz marketing is a form of viral marketing, a combination of both latest as well as oldest methods of marketing. Taking word of mouth as well as social media (the goldmine) to generate leads.

It’s the need of the hour for every brand because:

  • It helps you to connect with the real audience via human touch.
  • Creating a positive ambiance for the brand.
  • Ultimately brand awareness is generated, increasing sales.

Examples of how it’s done:

Buzz marketing as defined earlier, is an art of viral marketing, though not completely viral marketing. Anything can be made viral. From a boy singing Bachpan ka Pyaar, making everyone nostalgic, to adding quotes in the meme template and saying it is not funny. 

In all of it, word of mouth plays a vital role, and especially when it’s done via social media, it spreads faster, thus helping in clear communication strategy as well.

Playing with the psychological aspect of humans:

Using psychology for better marketing is one of the hardest yet most effective ways of buzz marketing. Everyone wants to be updated with every news, trend. No one wants to feel left out. It’s like the 90s are back. But this time, it is in the form of social media. You had to watch the last cricket match in India so that you could even talk about it with your friends. 

The same tactics are used in buzz marketing as well. Otherwise, won’t you find yourself awkwardly silent when your friends would be talking about the latest meme post of zomato.

A human touch over product:

The whole idea of buzz marketing is to make the brands conversational. The one which can be easily talked about at any point in time. No matter how important your product is, it needs a human to certainly create awareness about it. So, to make it better and more than the product, you need to have a planned marketing strategy keeping in mind your target audience. 

Influencer marketing, the upcoming gamechanger:

As described earlier in the blog, influencer marketing is skyrocketing like anything. Few influencers have insane reach which makes it essential for brands to reach them out. Having a positive influencer can really help in promoting and establishing your brand name.

Your target audience can relate more with other humans than any automated advertisement.

The old school Scarcity Principle:

It is one of the oldest marketing tactics. You must have heard about inflammation. This is a part of it. The only catch is making a buzz about it.

So, the brand creates a kind of scarcity about the product. And later on, they make a buzz about it. It is done in such a way that a parallel line is drawn between the demand and the supply. 

Brands, e-commerce stores create flash sales, limited offers to create a buzz about their product. These scarcity tactics help you increase the demand for the product and eventually create a buzz about your brand.

Network the right way!

When you target a large mass of people, it creates brand awareness. Networking the right way means making the usage of a product or service vital for more people, more people in your network. Let’s take an example of any new cafe around your workplace, if few people visit it, it will jointly create a buzz in your network. The network effect is itself about creating a buzz.

So, it’s easier to market yourself as a brand and its product via creating a buzz about it with the help of network effect.

Other Buzz Marketing Strategies:

Other than all of the mainstream trendy marketing tactics mentioned above, there are several other buzz marketing strategies.

Breaking taboo:

When a brand comes forward strongly talking about various topics, which one should not be talking about. i.e breaking taboos, then it inspires many of us to do the same in our life as well.

Creating suspense:

Creating suspense about the product or the upcoming event can help in increasing visibility.

Meme, humor:

If you’re not living under the rock, then you must be aware of the massive impact a right meme can make. The meme marketing industry’s whole business revolves around creating buzz.

Saying something Unusual or promoting your product including something opposite can make things controversial. And this helps in creating a buzz about the product as well as their brand.

Why is it useful?

Buzz marketing can make things go viral overnight. People in the fear of missing out on things can take part in any insane thing possible.

Buzz marketing is used by all. From every known, big brand to a small startup. There have been great live examples of how coca-cola, a big brand used unusual tactics (that coca-cola causes obesity).

Another massive example is the apple. Buzz marketing has always been their thing. Steve Jobs using, “one more thing…” has always been fascinating and helped in creating a buzz. 

Buzz marketing can help you showcase your brand positively, and uplift your sales with the help of human touch.


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