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Open source technology is one of the most secure forms of sharing technology in the world. As it is available to everyone worldwide. Anyone from any point of the world can see, copy and modify any code accordingly. As it is open for criticism as well as for modification. It is classified as the future by various big companies like Microsoft, Google. 

The future of open source technology is pretty fair. As you just need to hire a magento expert in open technology who can customize any existing website as well as create a new one for any custom WordPress development company. 

The OSS, open-source software has been blooming like anything for the past couple of years. Major companies like GitHub, Red at, Cloudera have been contributing to the development of open source technology in one way or another. Recent studies have shown how the development and growth of OSS depend upon various factors. From cost to its effect on the community. 

With the growing community, more and more startups, as well as enterprises, became aware of the necessity of having open source technology, to be available for everyone and let your brand leave a memorable impression on your users. After startups and enterprises, the next big step for any new technology is to be essential for the IT sector. The OSS is now growing in IT slack as well. From the very origin of any software to its automation to make the work easy to handle, as well as to work efficiently.

The whole idea of OSS technology is to have constructive criticism from various programmers, customizing the website, software in their own way, and eventually learning new features. 

Microsoft, in a report, said, how many significant changes OSS can bring, which can ultimately lead to the best version of any software. Sarah Novotny, Microsoft’s open-source lead of Azure office says, “We strongly believe that most of the hard (and, by that we mean interesting) problems of today will take a team or the whole industry to solve. This means we all need to be trustworthy and (corporately) self-aware participants in open source,” Novotny added that “Companies are working together more frequently, and the amount of cross-industry work we’re able to accomplish is accelerating.”

Open 100, is one such creation by the long-term investors of OSS. Now, anyone can see the collective progress of the startups, their growth as a community. It is one of the most innovative communities so far. As it not only tells us about the growth and significance of massive MNCs, in their development of OSS but also the contribution of growing startups. 

Don’t take any opportunity for granted:

As, OSS lets you provide your way of any website, software. You have the power to fully utilize it as well. It is on you, how you really showcase what you have got. Sentry founder and David Cramer, CTO, while working on a project regarding problems arising at Disqus gave a very brief lesson, about how each and every OSS developer must take any project as a product. A product shows caring for their services and how it can be beneficial for their future prospects. 

When the OSS started, no one looked at it like something big. It was just a code available for everyone on the internet. But now, as it is growing immensely, you just cannot copy any code from the internet. You have to have a proper source, as well as the legalization of the code to proceed further.

Contributing in the future of OSS:

Heikki Nousiainen, chief technology officer at Avian at a phone interview to Lifewire said, “Sometimes, open source is a box of tools, and it might be difficult to get started and run or operate software,” 

His main theory is that the evolution of OSS crucially depends upon the contribution of various web developers. The goal is to improve with time along with everyone’s suggestions. He further added, “Though OSS requires investment to emerge as the ultimate future of technology”.

As mentioned earlier, OSS is not anybody’s cup of tea. As it is quite difficult to get in hand how properly they function. No instructions, as well as guidelines, are given to any OSS developer on how they can implement those codes, and they can simultaneously have a secure connection. Security has been one of the major concerns of this platform. But you know what, who else is known for their most secured connection? 


With big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, getting indulged with OSS, we can see collaborations soon. As it is one of the main features of startups. 

In the race of commercialization, don’t lose the essence of community:

Community is the building block of any company. Be it of writers, developers, coders. One must know what it is like to be a part of the community, to guide each other in the journey before working for something huge. Even for the OSS startups, there has been a community, a healthy one that is now flourishing with the name of MNCs.

No matter how large you evolve, there must be someone in the company to speak for the whole community. It not only keeps you grounded but the very goal of having a community is also fulfilled. 

But in the longer run, you have to sacrifice either the community or your big goals. It can be overwhelming to juggle both of them. There have been circumstances, that one has to let down their community or to say no when needed to flourish in the open-source technology.

The future of open source technology is filled with bright colors and it is not going to stop anytime soon. The only factor is being willing to dedicate yourself to learn as well as implement the upcoming new tools.


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