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SEO writing is oriented to solve queries of the audience and also provide complete information regarding it. It’s about optimizing various keywords as well as some phrases so that the search engine can rank your website accordingly for the users who are searching for the same. 

As your content will rank organically, it will help you to expand your audience. By this, your website gets to grow without any paid advertisement.

Though SEO writing demands a lot of research and there’s a lot that goes behind ranking any website organically. A few of them are:

Exceptional keyword research:

 No matter how good your content is if there is not that particular keyword or phrase people are searching for in your blog article. Then the search engine will not show up your content. And someone with lower quality of content but with the right keyword can rank and get the maximum clicks. 

Strategic SEO writing can help you increase views on your website and help in growing it too. If it’s done consistently and for the longer term, then it can bring results a lot better than any paid advertising tool. 

Take primary as well as secondary keywords:

Your content must be around your primary keyword. And not the other way around. Take one primary keyword, research about it, and write. Though, you can always take the title as the primary keyword or even the phrases. But does that make any sense, especially to rank your website when you have written for something different in particular? Though, it depends upon your niche. Some niches have many keywords with large content and some don’t have that many. So choose wisely where you think you can justify the query of the person. 

Although, your primary keyword is something around which,you curate the whole content. But you must have additional or secondary keywords. These secondary keywords must be related to your primary keywords. The best tool to research your primary or even secondary keyword is Google. When you search for something, you can see the Related question section. They are nothing but the top searched questions, topics around your particular keyword.

Topic research:

Writing exceptionally well has always been the key to trick SEO. Your target audience and the content according to your target audience is all that matters in SEO, or to rank on google.

You need to first research what your target audience wants, question their questions, queries and later find and give their answer. You have to have an interesting topic, to have more and more clicks and therefore more visits on your profile. You can do the Topic research on Answer the public and then you will have topics on your particular niche about what you can write on. You can also see the most asked questions around your particular keyword. This way, you can search for everything. 

 Optimized meta title, meta descriptions for better results:

People often think that the headline is everything and they would rank with their headline. It’s not possible to end up on the beach with your headline. Your article’s headline is not necessarily the title shown in search results. You need to know multiple headings, not specifically the same but somewhat similar to each other. The meta description is essential for written content for SEO purposes.

It must be short, crisp, to the point, and which somehow answers the question of your audience. So that, even your audience would click on that meta description again and again. To rank on multiple google pages, try to use different titles for each of your pages. The same title can decrease the clicks on your website. 

The ideal length of a meta description should be 15-40 characters or a maximum of 60 characters. If you can, try to include your primary keywords in your meta descriptions. The better your meta description, the higher the chances of your content performing better. There isn’t any hard-core rule of writing any meta title or even meta description. It shouldn’t necessarily be in a sentence format as well. It can include anything from the price tag of any product to its features. The thing that matters is CTA, call to action. Playing with the psychological emotions within limited words is what makes any meta description clickable.

 Creative H1:

If you want to stand out from the rest of your competitors’ sites, then you need to have a creative H1, as well as the other headlines too. The more questionable the headlines, the more reach it gets. Using questionnaire words like, What, How, Why can increase your chances of getting more and more clicks as well as more visitors on your side eventually.

Google and the search engine work very differently now. It’s smarter than ever. And if you have a low quality of content as well as poor H1, then it will hardly be there when people search that particular topic. Using catchy and clickable phrases like, ”how to generate leads and increase your side income by 5 times” or “Top 10 ways to write better” can really help your content to perform better than before. 

Easy to read Structured content:

You know why almost all of us hated reading those long texts, without any space, without any paragraphs. Because there were not any page breaks, not even any structure of the text, of how it should be put. Starting with introducing the meaning of the topic and later on explaining every bit about it, little by little.No matter how good your content is, if it is not structured properly. It isn’t pleasing to the eye then who would read it, right?

There must be multiple headings, like H2, H3, H4, backlinks. Studies say, content with H2, H3 has 36% of more clicks than any other plain text with just one main title. Though, longer content tends to perform a lot better than the shorter one. But that doesn’t mean one should never write short content on their website. Both are equally important depending upon your target audience. Whenever you write long content. Make sure you add a small table, which includes the headings, sets of content that would be in the upcoming article.

Don’t overflow your article with information. Try to make it graspable, readable as well as easy to understand for your audience. It’s not like you should overwhelm your audience with immense knowledge. Write in points to keep readers engaged.

These were some quick checklists of writing the SEO friendly content.


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Get actionable insights and ideas every week.

Learn how to reach new audiences, showcase your brand’s expertise, retain clients, and boost overall sales.